• Mortgage Switching
  • Helps you work out:

      if you will save money by switching to another mortgage

      the benefits of making higher repayments vs minimum repayments

  • Loan Repayment
  • Helps you work out:

      amount for monthly mortgage repayments

      determine total payments on the life of the loan

  • Extra Repayment
  • Helps you work out:

      benefits when making extra repayments on your mortgage

      time and interest saved your mortgage for regular contributions

  • Borrowing Power
  • A guide to help you:

      estimate how much you could borrow for a home loan using your income and expenses

      understand what you credit reviews to determine borrowing power

  • Stamp Duty
  • Helps you work out:

      stamp duty and other Government fees on property

      possible Government grant

  • Income Tax
  • Helps you work out:

      how much income tax you should be paying

      what your take home salary will be when tax and the Medicare levy are included

  • Savings
  • Helps you work out:

      how long it will take to reach your savings goals

      interest earned when you commit to a savings program

  • Interest Only Mortgage
  • Helps you work out:

      the repayments when on interest-only and after interest-only period

      the total cost of an interest-only mortgage

  • Comparison Rate
  • Helps you work out:

      the Average Annual Percentage Rate (AAPR) for your mortgages

      the final annual interest rate for your mortgages

  • Lump Sum Repayment
  • Helps you work out:

      the time saved on your mortgages when making additional lump sum repayments

      interest saved and the time reduced

  • How Long to Repay
  • Helps you work out:

      how long it will take you to pay off your home loan and be mortgage free

      the total cost of your mortgage and interest paid in your loan term

  • Split Loan Calculator
  • Helps you work out:

      the implications of fixing part of your loan, while retaining a variable interest rate over the remainder of your mortgage

      what mortgage structure is going to work best for you

  • Home Loan Offset
  • Helps you work out:

      how much sooner you can pay off your loan

      interest payment you could save by offsetting your savings against your home loan

  • Loan Comparison
  • Helps you compare:

      different types of home loans in order to determine which is cheapest in overall costs and interest charges

      the difference in fees and costs between loans to discover the right loan

  • Credit Card
  • Helps you work out:

      how long it will take to pay off your card with only minimum repayments

      how soon you could pay off your card balance and how much interest you will likely pay

  • Property Buying Cost
  • Helps you work out:

      approximate amount you will want to budget for when buying property

      budget and insight into some of the bigger picture costs like stamp duty and registration fees

  • Property Selling Cost
  • Assists in making sure:

      you’ve covered all the costs of selling a property

       the cost to sell your property and see where to save

  • Rent vs Buy
  • Helps you work out:

      should you rent or buy your property?

      the cost of continuing to rent vs the cost of buying a home, whichever is better for you

  • Income Annualisation
  • Helps you work out:

      your annual income from the money you’ve received so far this year

      calculated income from your payslips and group certificate

  • Income Gross Up
  • Helps you work out:

      your annual gross income (before tax) based on your net (after tax) income

      percentage of your income that goes to paying your tax

  • Compound Interest
  • Helps you work out:

      what money you will have if you save a regular amount

       the projected worth of your assets in the future

  • Budget Planner
  • Template enabling you to:

      keep you on track day to day, help you plan for large expenses and help you avoid credit card reliance

      see how much money is left over each month

  • Savings Goal - How Long to Save
  • Help you work out:

      how long it will take to reach your savings goals

       the payments required to achieve a savings goal within a specific timeframe

  • Savings Goal - How Much to Deposit
  • Helps you work out:

      steps to take to put your plan into action

      how much you need to save weekly, fortnightly or monthly to achieve your savings target